Young Agents’ Committee Day is Your Chance to Let Your Voice be Heard!

We are excited for the next Young Agents’ Committee Day which is Wednesday, August 16th and we want you to come out and join us!

There are four committees that you can choose to sign up for. They are Membership Development Committee,
Young Agents Conference Committee, Legislative Conference Committee, and the Excalibur Education Foundation Committee which puts on the clay shoot fundraiser each year. Each one serves an important part in our industry and each would benefit from your involvement and ideas.

So why should you sign up and come out to Young Agents’ Committee Day next week?

It’s your turn to have a say in the future plans of what the association will be doing

This past year has been filled with many fun, informative, and beneficial events, but we want the upcoming year to be even better. How do we do that? You! By coming to Young Agents’ Committee Day, YOU can make the events even better. Your insights and opinions matter. We want to hear what YOU have to say!

It’s a great way to network with other company/agency personnel

Committee Day brings company and agency people together to work on projects and events for the association. You get to meet and work/volunteer alongside people of all different backgrounds. This is a great opportunity to put faces with the names you see coming across your inbox and continue to build relationships with those people you already know.

Bring on new ideas of what our association can do to bring more value to its members

An association is only as great as its members make it. We constantly want to grow and be beneficial to members. Doing the same thing over and over again won’t add value. That’s where YOU come in! What do you want the association to do to be meaningful to you? How can we serve agents and company people better? You know what’s important to you. Young Agents’ Committee Day is your opportunity to let us know!

Become a leader in our association and industry

Have you heard your coworkers speak of insurance people outside of your office? Ever wonder who they are? By coming to Committee Day, you start or continue the process of being a leader in the association and in the industry. Hopefully one day others will talk about how knowledgeable and helpful YOU are!

Still one the fence about whether you want to join us for Young Agents’ Committee Day? Well, hold your breath and take a leap of faith to do something that could really benefit you. It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

1- Read the available committees and see which one appeals to you.
2- Sign up by emailing Sarah Walker and/or sending in the Young Agents’ Committee Day form.
3- Show up at the Big I (141 London Parkway  Birmingham, AL 35211) on Wednesday, August 16th. We promise you won’t regret it!


BIIA Wants to Connect with YOU on social media!

BIIA has been busy in 2017 trying to reach out and connect with our members. We want to keep you abreast of not only what is going on in our local association, but also of what is going on in the industry and in other partner organizations. To do this we launched our website and blog in March of this year. Now members can easily see what BIIA is about and how to become more involved, not only with our organization, but also in the industry. Stop by the website to find out answers to frequently asked questions, find out who is on the board, and obtain the application for those who want to join the Birmingham Independent Insurance Agents association.

We also jumped into the social media realm to directly connect with you. We launched our facebook, twitter, and instagram accounts at the end of 2016. Since then we have connected with many of you and are excited to interact with you through these outlets. If you aren’t following us, check out the links below to quickly connect with us.

Facebook          Twitter          Instagram

Last month we launched the BIIA page on LinkedIn. Since LinkedIn helps people network and make connections, it seems fitting that our association be part of that. By following BIIA on LinkedIn, hopefully you can turn secondary connections into primary ones—especially if you attend any of our events and are able to meet our members. You can follow our LinkedIn page here.

We want to be more visible in your life and assist you in any way that we can. Let us know what we can do. After all, we are Birmingham’s local insurance association.